Friday, 12 September 2014

Great North Run

I, Alice Heywood, the most lazy 19 year old in the entire world, have signed up for the Great North Run 2015. That's 13.1 miles. 20.9 km. For the record, I can't run a mile. Not one mile. It's one year away tomorrow. 

I'll put it into perspective for you. When I told my family I had signed up to do it they literally laughed in my face and thought I was joking. 

I've thought about doing it for months and finally, after a recent personal problem, I decided to do it. I am running for MIND charity which is a charity for mental health. 

So wish me luck as I delve into the world of running and *hopefully* become one of those weirdos (I'm joking) that get addicted to running.


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