Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Favourite memories of 2014

Rory's prom

I don't want to end the year on a low. And although I don't think New Year's are completely new beginnings, I'd like to be a optimistic and hope that 2015 is a good year. 
2014 wasn't all bad. In fact, I have some great memories from 2014. 

It all kicked off in January for my birthday. My Mum, sister and best mate came and visited me in Manchester. We went to the trafford centre and spent loads of money. On the night my mum snuck my flatmate some money and she bought a load of alcohol for us all. We went out on the night, got truly hammered and then fell asleep in our kebabs. It was fab.

Me and my friend Emma. Predrinks for her birthday in March

In May, I finally got to see One Direction live. My mum and I went and saw them in Sunderland. They were great and we had a fab night- even if we did have to wait two hours for a bus home afterwards. 

In June, my brother, sister and I went for a day out in Edinburgh. We did a bus tour, ate loads of food and did a bit of shopping. It was really fun and full of laughs. Especially when we got told off in a shop for taking photos. 

my brother and sister in Edinburgh

During the Summer, things went a bit downhill. Nevertheless, we went for some really great, memorable last days out as a family. Days out that I will remember forever. Like the day we went to Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland. And the day my Mum, Dad and I went to the seaside and ate loads of icecream. 

Although I want to be positive, it wouldn't be right if I didn't mention my Mum. 2014 was the year I had to say goodbye to my lovely Mum. So here's to you Mum, it won't be the same bringing in the new year without you. I'll never forget you and you'll never be far away from my thoughts. 

Happy New Year to anyone reading this, I hope you have a fantastic 2015.

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