Sunday, 26 April 2015

Running- Couch 25K Week 3 run 2

I did plan on running 3 times this week but due to work and social commitments I haven't had time. I managed to squeeze in a run this afternoon and if I'm honest, it wasn't my best run.

I don't know if it was because I wasn't putting enough effort in (probably) or if it was because my asthma has been bad this week (partly) and also was rushed because I was going out. Either way, it was a bad run and one I'm not proud of. Hopefully tomorrows run will be drastically better. I'm going to do one more run of week 3 and then hopefully be able to move on to week 4 of the C25k.

I've been thinking of signing up to the Morrisons 10K run in July. As a sort of preparation run for the Great North Run in September. I'm also thinking about signing up to the London Marathon. Maybe not next year, maybe the year after instead. It's something I'll have to think seriously about because 26.1miles is a lot of miles. 

Also, well done to everyone who completed the London Marathon today, you are all fantastic.

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